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"Powered by Emagined Security" Alliance Partners

The "Powered by Emagined Security" Alliance Partner Program allows your company to offer full service security and compliance solutions to your clients. With this program your company can sell a full range of security solutions without having to maintain a complex and costly security consulting organization. Emagined Security ensures:

  • Implementations are correctly installed and configured
  • Privacy and compliance requirements are addressed
  • Integration with third party products is seamless and cost effective
  • Solutions you offer have security baked-in for your customers

Our security specialists work to increase your bottom line while reducing risk which enables a solid and secure business foundation.

Your clients can depend on your organization's "Powered By Emagined Security" to anticipate, protect, react, and deliver security solutions tailored to meet their business needs and requirements. You can rely on Emagined Security to bring the optimal balance of people, process and cost effective technology, while protecting your business relationship with your client.

Emagined Security focuses on securing business solutions by providing a full complement of Proactive, Real-Time, Reactive, Executive Advisory, Licensing Advisory and Support Services to global institutions and major corporations while providing a fully business-driven approach. Our services are designed to allow your clients to supplement executive level security expertise linking business and security decisions that can result in positive impacts to the bottom lines.

Emagined Security uses a streamlined process to allow your clients either directly or indirectly contract with Emagined Security to acquire professional security services. Emagined Security's partnership with your organization allows you to provide professional services in a non-competitive manner.

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Product Partners

Emagined Security offers a comprehensive array of Licensing and Implementation Services. Our implementation and licensing teams are fully qualified to support effective lifecycle integrations of each security solution.

Emagined Security ensures that your solutions are appropriately licensed, securely architected, implementations are correctly installed and configured. Emagined Security's implementation teams are fully qualified to support effective lifecycle integrations of each partner solution. We ensure that our client's design processes adequately take security considerations into account, implementations are correctly installed and configured and that integration with third party and other product offerings are seamless. Our specialists work towards increasing business performance and reducing risk while enabling secure business foundations.

If chosen as a partner, Emagined Security can integrate your solutions into our arsenal of security tools offered to our clientele. Emagined Security designs, implements, configures, and integrates tools in a variety of areas including the following:

  • Clientless VPNs
  • Compliance
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • End-Point Protection
  • Firewall and VPNs
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Encryption
  • Advanced Persistent Threat Protection
  • Managed Services
  • Etc.
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