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Our Methodology: The One Clear Path

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Whether your current security challenge is Cloud, Cryptography, Compliance, or Kubernetes… whether you’re fortune 100 or a local credit union… our scalable methodology, the ONE CLEAR PATH, provides a predictable and proven approach to help our clients get from their current security state to their desired security state.

Our three phases and ten steps are tailored to accelerate your journey from wherever you are to wherever you need to be and is supported by an ever growing repository of templates, worksheets, and cheat sheets so that you can leverage our twenty plus years of security expertise.


Security Compliance & Security Assessments

What is your security POSTURE?  How mature are you?  Are you compliant?  Self-Assessments can only get you so far.  Engage our team to assess your security posture and maturity with one of our many security assessment services. 

Penetration Testing Services

What is your security EXPOSURE?  How vulnerable are you?  Are you checking the right things?  Automated scans and in-house security checks can only get you so far.  Engage our team to assess your security exposure with one of our many Penetration testing services. 

Incident Response Services

We go beyond automated security testing tools and sift through all of the false-positives so that you don't have to. We help you implement our proprietary Incident Response (IR) methodologies so you can concentrate on what matters.

Managed Security Services

Our MSS is designed to provide a highly customizable Security Operations Center (SOC) that enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business.


We have experience in over 1000 projects across 57 different industries. Our services are extensive so if you’re looking for assistance with something specific please give us a call. Chances are we’ve seen something like it before!



If you want to get crystal clear on the ONE THING you should be doing right now to bridge the gaps in your security program, book a call below… and please know that this isn’t a sales call.  We don’t do that.  Nearly 100% of our business is referral business.  We spend a quick twenty-minutes with you to determine what your next steps should be and if the services that we offer are a good fit with what you’re trying to accomplish so that you can exceed your goals.