All I wanted was something straightforward, accurate, and easy to use. I mean a questionnaire isn’t rocket science! Thank you, Emagined, for making this simple...but valuable.
— Cliff Hue

Happy Clients



— Elon Kornél

All the right questions put together in a simple yes/no questionnaire.

— Silvester Shadrach

I download my result into excel year over year to see how things are changing.  

— Théophile Juho


— Aeschylus Pluto


I actually ended up using one of their assessment experts to help me understanding the gaps in my compliance efforts.  Invaluable!

— Ketill Nikica

I've done this myself for the past few years, trying to stay current, and it's no fun. Thanks for having something simple and up-to-date.

— Caelinus Gafar

You make me look so organized!

— Yvon Dakota

Simple and easy and I always know where my answers are in case somebody needs my justifications.

— Chan Brian