Business Continuity Planning


Strategic Information Security Plans



Business Continuity Planning assesses the impact of potential interruptions on company operations and business functions while developing comprehensive business resumption processes and solutions. We explain the ramifications of each identified potential interruption and inform of the processes necessary to reduce your risks from the effects of these potential disasters.


A company that has examined its business processes, including the supporting operations and information systems, can best establish ways to provide for the continuation of required business processes during and after an incident that might otherwise leave you out of business.

The Emagined Security BCP program endorses involvement with strategic issues and evolving projects across the organization. Our programs are tailored to help customers solve their business continuity needs and help the company to achieve its strategic goals.

Description of Service

Emagined Security offers a complete range of BCP services, from risk and business impact assessment to implementation and testing. We integrate the business, operation, and information technology interests of a company to create a successful BCP program.

The Emagined Security BCP team can assemble a comprehensive business process approach to mitigate risk. Our mission is to provide for business continuity needs by identifying and developing solutions for the availability and recovery of business functions, production processes, and information resources.

Emagined Security BCP services provide your organization with the expertise of world-class business continuity professionals. Our staffs of BCP consultants have national and international experience in providing BCP services to several different industries including major financial, telecommunications, and manufacturing organizations.