California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) Readiness Services


Effective January 1, 2020. 
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Our CCPA Services offers a variety of services designed to help organizations address CCPA Readiness preparation and remediation of assessment findings. Our services provide a structured methodology to ensure that all CCPA Readiness needs are identified and met through the entire assessment lifecycle.

Emagined Security has unique experience with a variety of compliance remediation services.  Our services span from training to hands-on remediation.   From our strategic management team to our tactical technical teams, our knowledge can be made available to your organization.  Emagined Security has leveraged this unique differentiator to offer a variety of solutions to organizations to help guide them through CCPA strategy and remediation. states that enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act is via a private right of action (consumer lawsuits) for data breaches, with the rest of the act subject to enforcement by the California Attorney General, at up to $2,500 per violation.

The California Consumer Privacy Act aims to accomplish the following:

  1. Consumers will have the right to know what information large corporations are collecting about them.

  2. Consumers will have the right to tell a business not to share or sell your personal information.

  3. Consumers will have the right to protections against businesses which do not uphold the value of their privacy.

The California Consumer Privacy Act will give consumers these new rights on January 1, 2020.

Benefits of Working with Emagined

Our compliance Services can help you address industry and legal requirements using the following set of activities. 

  • CCPA Readiness Planning

Our compliance Readiness Planning service allows organizations to develop high-level strategies and plans in order to meet industry and legal requirements.  Beginning with requirements gathering and moving into legal analysis, we create a strategic process to address compliance issues, assess business risks, and enable new initiatives.

  • CCPA Readiness Pre-Assessments

Our CCPA Readiness Pre-Assessments is an evaluation of existing controls and services to ensure that you meet industry laws and regulations.  This assessment will assess your current security and Compliance & Privacy position, the desired status based on industry and legal requirements, and identify the steps to achieve your security and Compliance & Privacy goals.   

  • CCPA Awareness Training

Our CCPA Awareness Training service programs offer companies a variety of on-site CCPA training opportunities.  We focus on general CCPA and security awareness to specific legal issues.  We strive to make CCPA and security training rewarding, educational and stimulating.  

  • CCPA Compliance Program Management

Our CCPA Compliance Programs offer services from program management to detailed implementations.  Our across-the-board compliance services are designed to implement and enhance Compliance & Privacy and security controls in order to meet industry laws and regulations.  We ensure your compliance programs are designed to address risk while taking into consideration business needs.

  • Compliance Outsourcing Programs

Our Compliance Outsourcing Programs offer our customers the ability to provide a focused approach on your Compliance Program by involving a dedicated team to provide services surrounding your Compliance Program, Tools and Audit requirements. Our services surrounding our Compliance Outsourcing are based on years of managing client Compliance Requirements and provide the ability to allow you to focus on other tasks.