Licensing Advisory Security Services


Solution Analysis

Has your organization been paying too much for software? Are your implementation costs growing out of proportion? Emagined Security offers a comprehensive array of customer Acquisition and Implementation Services from Buy vs. Build Analysis to License Compliance Reviews. Emagined Security?s implementation and licensing teams are fully qualified to support effective lifecycle integrations of each solution. Emagined Security ensures that your business uses proven strategies to acquire and implement appropriately licensed, securely installed, securely configured solutions that integrate with 3rd party products.

  • Buy vs. Build Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis & Documentation
  • Solution Evaluation

    Solution Validation

    Are your security vendors in good shape? Have you purchased too many or too few licenses? Are you paying above industry rates for security software? Emagined Security's Vendor Support Service can help enterprise level companies ensure that they not over spending. Emagined Security can help organizations take control of their security product purchases right size license levels.

    • Vendor Health Review
    • Product Licensing Support
    • Price Negotiations

    Licensing Services

    Have you been buying the correct quantity of licenses? Are you in or out of compliance with your past licensing purchases? Are you getting the necessary level of attention from your vendors? Emagined Security's Licensing Advisory Service assists clients with large software acquisition projects and provides guidance to assist with right sizing current license levels, resulting in a streamlined, low impact acquisition process, and adequate spend on enterprise licensing agreements.

    • License Leveling Services
    • License Compliance Review