Executive Licensing Advisory service


Have you been buying the correct quantity of licenses? Are you in or out of compliance with your past licensing purchases? Are you getting the necessary level of attention from your vendors? Emagined Security's Licensing Advisory Service assists clients with large software acquisition projects and provides guidance to assist with right sizing current license levels, resulting in a streamlined, low impact acquisition process, and adequate spend on enterprise licensing agreements.

  • License Leveling Services
  • License Compliance Review

The Executive Licensing Advisory service is designed to allow organizations to supplement or add
executive level security product licensing expertise to their organization. By adding executive level
security product licensing expertise, organizations can link business and security decisions that
result in positive impacts to the bottom lines and may help to reduce security costs on products
from security tool vendors.

Emagined Security offers a comprehensive array of Licensing and Implementation Services. Our
implementation and licensing teams are fully qualified to support effective lifecycle integrations of
each security solution. Emagined Security ensures that your solutions are appropriately licensed,
securely architected, implementations are correctly installed and configured.

Acquisition of security software licenses and vetting vendors can be a long and frustrating process.
Because of our extensive experience in these areas, we can offer you decreased time to selection
and show significant cost savings on licensing by assisting you with selection of an appropriate
level of licensing and services for your organization’s needs.

Emagined Security can help you design, license and implement a security infrastructure so you
are assured the highest level of protection for your corporate assets. We are a “one-stop shop” in
offering a complete network security architecture solution from design to implementation. The fact
that we can “do it all” for you will result in greater efficiency, and thus afford you cost benefits.

Description of Service
Emagined Security has a variety of Industry Certified Security Engineers with a variety of relevant
certifications such as SCSE, CNE, MCSE, CISSP, and others available to assist and support you.
We can help you choose, license, design, implement, configure, and integrate security solutions
though the following services:


  • Buy vs. Build Analysis
  • Requirements Analysis & Documentation
  • Solution Evaluation


  • License Leveling Services
  • License Compliance Review


  • Vendor Health Review
  • Product Licensing Support
  • Price Negotiation


  • Installation & Integration
  • Configuration
  • Maintenance
  • Ongoing Support

Emagined Security uses a streamlined process to allow you the ability to take advantage of our
Executive Licensing Advisory and other consulting services. Once we determine the proper design
to fit your needs, we can assemble a team of experts to construct your secure solution.