Cyber Legal and Security Litigation Support



The legal arena has always been characterized by new developments and change, and cyber security law is no exception. Whereas two  decades ago cyber security law had little impact on organizations’ plans, actions and strategies, the opposite is now very much true. Legal actions are in particular commonly connected to information technology issues and electronic data leakage. For example, a lawsuit requiring thousands of hours of effort could result after a competitor deliberately attempts cyber espionage on an organization’s information processing systems.  Emagined Security’s Cyber Legal & Security Litigation Support practice provides a variety of services related to cyber security  legislation and its impact, how to conduct investigations, expert advice and testimony and much more.


Legal action on both the plaintiff and defendants side can have a dramatic impact on an organization’s business initiatives. Without the proper support, legal actions can cripple an organization’s ability to conduct business. Whether initiated by a disgruntled employee, a malicious competitor or a business partner, legal actions often cause damage and disruption equal to or greater than any natural disaster.  Emagined Security’s specialists can provide a variety of litigation support services efficiently, expeditiously and confidentially. For example, litigation support response team can be deployed to perform remote and on-site legal action management, develop and validate action plans, and
support investigations while minimizing the impact on business operations.

Description of Service

Emagined Security can deploy a litigation support response team to support Cyber Legal &
Security Legal Action. Our services include the following:

  • Legal Action Preparation
    • Legal Action Response Planning
    • Legal Action Response Plan Development
    • Legal Action Response Plan Validation and Assessment
  • Legal Action Response
    • Legal Action Management
    • 24x7x365 On-Site Response
    • 24x7x365 Remote Response
  • • Legal Action Analysis
    • Data Capture
    • Research on statutes and rulings
    • Digital Forensics
    • Deposition Acquisition & Analysis
  • • Litigation Support
    • Evidence Discovery
    • Expert Witness Selection and Advice
    • Expert Witness Testimony
    • Cyber Legal Services
    • Evidence Custodianship
  • • Compliance and Regulation Support
    • Familiarization with and interpretation of compliance requirements
    • Compliance and regulation controls and procedures
    • Assessment of compliance and regulation measures
  • • Training in Cyber Security Legal Issues
    • Course on cyber security legal issues
    • Short training sessions with a focus on specific issue

Throughout these services, Emagined Security can assist in collecting and handling data to be used as evidence. Upon request, we can deploy a team of highly trained and experienced Incident Response and Cyber Forensics experts. Our team can perform research, provide detailed reports and serve as expert witnesses. Additionally, our staff can proactively work with your organization to provide ongoing assistance and recommendations to preclude the need for future legal actions.