Executive Advisory Information Security Services


CISO on Demand

Does your organization need executive level advise on how to handle security issues, compliance initiatives? Simple technique and deliberate attention to this matter can save a company from embarrassing and costly exploitation of this data.

  • Revenue Generation Advise

  • Program Development

  • Personnel Skill Mapping

  • Resource Planning

Corporate Strategy

Many organizations suffer from an overload of information? Without a corporate strategy, the vast amounts of incongruent information can become crippling. By developing a corporate security strategy, this information can become knowledge used to guide key decision processes.

  • Support your organization with our key strategy services.

  • Healthcheck & Prioritization

  • Executive Security Briefings

  • Initiative Prioritization

  • Vendor Minimizationn

Cost Reduction & Consolidation

Is your organization going through budget cutbacks? Have you prioritized your services to determine which are critical and can not be stopped? Emagined Security's Cost Reduction & Consolidation services can afford you with the necessary information to determine how to cut costs, reduce hardware footprints, virtualize environments and outsource non critical functions.

  • Budgetary Analysis

  • Server Consolidation

  • Virtualization Options

  • Outsourcing Feasibility

Executive Audit Services

Do you have an effective, documented, security strategy with respect to audit preparation? Do you need a program to streamlines the audit process to ensure that impact to the business is minimized? Is your organization continually working on audit preparation and response? Emagined Security?s audit preparation service can dramatically decrease impact to operations, streamline audit response initiatives and create a proactive approach to responding to audit requirements.

  • Audit Impact Reduction

  • Audit Sensitivity Training

  • Audit Preparation

  • Audit Documentation

  • Audit Management

  • Audit Remediation Support

  • Audit Finding Disputes

  • Evidence Documentation