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The GDPR took effect on May 25th, 2018, and that means every company with customers, vendors and partners in Europe must ensure that the way they store, manage and work with personal data complies with the new regulation.  We conduct security assessments for companies of all sizes and we want you to benefit from our assessment process. 

Emagined Security is a respected Information Security service provider empowering organizations to accelerate their results through proven security solutions. 

Our Services are designed to provide  highly customizable Information Security support and enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business. Cick this link for additional questions about GDPR Compliance and Risk Assessments.


Our GDPR Services

GDPR Readiness Services offers a variety of services designed to help organizations address GDPR Readiness preparation and remediation of assessment findings.  Our services provide a structured methodology to ensure that all GDPR Readiness needs are identified and met through the entire assessment lifecycle


What Is GDPR Compliance?

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaces the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC and was created to standardize data privacy laws across Europe and to reshape the way organizations across the region approach data privacy.  The GDPR applies to organisations located within the EU and all organizations located outside of the EU that "offer goods or services to, or monitor the behavior of", EU subjects. "It applies to all companies processing and holding the personal data of subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company’s location. 


Why Emagined?

Emagined Security has unique experience with a variety of GDPR remediation services.  Our services range from training to hands-on remediation.   From our strategic management team to our tactical technical teams, our GDPR knowledge can be made available to your organization.  Emagined Security has leveraged this unique differentiator to offer a variety of GDPR-related solutions to organizations to help guide them through the development of a GDPR strategy and the planning of required remediation efforts


Our Company

Emagined Security has been providing information security services to companies world wide since 2002.  We're located in San Carlos, CA, just south of San Francisco.


GDPR Compliance simplified 

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We maintain multi-year client relationships and provide dedicated relationship managers.  We constantly exceed expectations and maintain a highly talented group of security experts averaging over 15 years of experience.  We deliver high quality at extremely competitive prices.