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HIPAA Compliance Requirements aren't necessarily complex, you just need to know what they are.  We conduct security assessments for companies of all sizes and we want you to benefit from our assessment process.  Use our free tool... we think you'll like it!

Emagined Security is a respected Information Security service provider empowering organizations to accelerate their results through proven security solutions. 

Our Services are designed to provide  highly customizable Information Security support and enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business. Cick this link for additional questions about HIPAA Compliance and HIPAA Self Assessments.

Our Services

Emagined Security accelerates your information security efforts through the use of our proprietary tools and best practice services.  Our HIPAA Compliance Assessment Tool gives you a clear picture of your compliance standing.


What Is Security Compliance?

Security compliance (in most cases)  is legislated and, as responsible business owners, managers, and employees, we want to obey the law and stay in business. Compliance Laws include HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, FISMA and too many others to mention, and provide requirements that companies adhere.   


Why Self-Assess?

Complying with regulations is different than being a "secure" organization.  Focusing on compliance first is  a backwards approach to securing your organization.  Compliance should be a by-product of your security practices.  A thorough assessment done by a security professional is always best, but its been our experience, that most companies want to get a feel for where they are before they invest time, effort, and money into a formal assessment.


Our Company

Emagined Security has been providing information security services to companies world wide since 2002.  We're located in San Carlos, CA, just south of San Francisco.


HIPAA Compliance simplified 

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Why Emagined?

We maintain multi-year client relationships and provide dedicated relationship managers.  We constantly exceed expectations and maintain a highly talented group of security experts averaging over 15 years of experience.  We deliver high quality at extremely competitive prices.