Companies that do not conduct regular Penetration Tests are 10x
MORE likely to be hacked.

Stop guessing.  Start testing.



Penetration Testing - Security Risk Optimization

Penetration Testing can have a huge impact on your information security preparation and your companies risk exposure.  Unfortunately, all testing is not created equal.  The wrong test on the wrong things can waste a lot of time, money, and leave potential threats looming.

At Emagined Security, we've developed an efficient, value-driven approach to Penetration Testing that allows our clients to take their Penetration Testing efforts to the next level.

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Emagined makes me look like a hero. They’re easy to work with, diligent and - above all - dedicated to my success. They’re the first number I call when I’m faced with a potential incident!
— Texas Healthcare Provider

Clients That Trust Emagined Security


We don't publish our client list, but, regardless of whether you're a fortune 100, 500, or a local small business, we can work with you to help scope your security testing to your need & budget.

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Optimize your Penetration Testing Efforts so that they run like a machine!



We're Passionate About
Penetration Testing

Security controls are fantastic, but security controls combined with Penetration testing is invaluable.  At Emagined, we get really excited using penetration testing to dramatically focus your security risk posture.

After watching penetration testing redefine success for hundreds of companies, we've developed a passion for security testing.  We live and breathe Ethical Hacking and love using it to produce incredible results for our clients.



What Makes Emagined Security Different?

We never put your penetration testing on autopilot. And, we dig deep using certified ethical hackers to find the vulnerabilities that the bad guys are looking for.


Automated Scans...


vs... Personalized Threat and Vulnerability Hunting



Specialized Services

After years of experience, we've taken Penetration Testing to a whole new level.  Not only have we turned Penetration Testing into an art form, we've also developed several proprietary methodologies to help our clients get more out of their test as quickly as possible.

Cybersecurity's Primary Colors (sort of)...


Red Team

“Red Teams” are offensively minded, act and move like real-world attackers might.  Red Teams are tasked with breaking into the networks, devices, locations, applications or other assets owned by the company that contracts them.  Red Teams generally operate “under the radar” in a covert fashion, often without direct supervision or management by the company that contracts them, but generally with a very targeted or defined goal, such as the successful extraction of sensitive data, or the installation of persistent remote network access.  Red Teams typically consist of highly-skilled and highly-vetted individuals whose common goal is to exploit weakness in the company’s security posture and defenses prior to an actual incident.  Red Team members are comprised of penetration testers, developers, social engineers and physical security experts who specialize in breaching and bypassing security. 


Blue Team

“Blue Teams” are defensively minded, act and move as company protectors might.   Blue Teams are tasked with defending and protecting the networks, devices, locations, applications or other assets owned by the company that employs or in-sources them.  Blue Teams generally operate in a 24x7x365 “follow the sun” approach, with direct company supervision and escalation.  Their goal is the successful defense and protection of company assets.  Blue Teams typically consist of blended-skills individuals whose common goal is to prevent an actual incident.  Blue Team members are comprised of network engineers, developers, security analysts, vulnerability assessors, and digital forensics experts who specialize in bolstering and improving security. 


Purple Team

Purple Teams are after all a mix of red team and blue team members as one might expect.  Purple Teams are both offensively and defensively minded, act and move like both attackers and company defenders might.  Purple Teams are the newest addition to the cybersecurity team definition list and consist of highly-skilled members from both sides of the security aisle.  Purple Teams are often internal only to those companies that can afford to employ red and blue teams under one roof.  Purple Teams were designed to ensure holistic and synergistic operations and information exchange between company attackers and company defenders.  Unfortunately, due to costs, and the level of care and feeding required to maintain such a team, precious few organizations have or can afford to employ them. 





Pricing depends on what you need.  We scope every project based on size and complexity and have a host of optional services that you can choose from.  All organizations and environments are different and we price all projects accordingly.



Test Everything


Every element of your infrastructure affects your security risk.  They key to success is learning where you are the most vulnerable

The key to successful penetration testing is to test everything.  You can't always predict how any given aspect of your infrastructure is affecting your risk, so you have to test everything to learn where you are the most vulnerable.

At Emagined, we look at your applications, your perimeter, your interior, your rules, your ingress and egress, your architecture... and the list goes on.

We believe that NOTHING should go untested; so, over time, we try to test it all!



Best Tools, Best Methods

To get great Penetration Testing results, you have to use the right tools.  At Emagined, we use advanced testing tools to ensure that we get actionable data from our tests.

While testing tools make our lives easier, what really matters is how we use those tools to improve your security risk posture.  By combining great tools with industry-leading testing strategy, we are able to design and run test that dramatically improve your risk exposure.  We stay current, attending all of the conferences, reading all of the latest materials, and getting all of the latest training so that we are your best resource for penetration testing.


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More Than Your Average Information Security Firm

Good Penetration Testing can transform your security risk exposure.  We've seen it happen over and over.

To find out how you can redefine your security risk posture and disrupt potential security threats, contact us today!


Stop guessing.   Start testing.