Reactive Incident Response Services


Incident Response

What would happen if there was an incident occurring right now? How about 12 hours from now? Do you have an IRP? Do the key players know what is expected of them in the case of an incident? What steps will be taken? Who will execute each? Who are the alternates? Are they prepared? When do you involve Legal? The FBI? Emagined Security is prepared to assist your organization with Incident Response 24x7x365. Our IR experts always have their passport on them as we understand that incidents don't take weekends. Our consultants are strategically located throughout the US to provide short time to site intervals and are ready to engage via phone at a moment?s notice.

  • Incident Management

  • 24x7x365 On-Site

  • 24x7x365 Remote

Incident Analysis

How do you discover all relevant data for Legal? How do you maintain the chain of custody? What tools do you need to use? Is all data discoverable? Do you have to purchase new backup tapes as you can no longer use the ones in your current rotation? Who on your staff will handle forensics? Have they been trained? Have they been through a real world legal incident? How do you return to normal operations? At what point do you close the incident? Emagined Security will train your Incident Response team in the necessary areas of information they need to answer these questions. We are also available to provide these services as an extension to our Incident Response Services or on a case-by-case basis.

  • Data Capture

  • Digital Forensics

Cyber & Security Litigation Support

How do you handle legal actions? Does legal activity impact your business operations? What tools do you need to use? Is all data discoverable? Emagined Security's Cyber & Security Litigation Support practice provides a variety of legal action investigative and expert services. Legal actions are commonly connected to information technology issues and electronic data leakage. For example, a lawsuit requiring thousands of hours of effort could result after a competitor deliberately attempts cyber espionage on an organization's information processing systems.

  • Litigation Action Preparation, Response & Analysis

  • Evidence Discovery

  • Expert Witnesses

  • Cyber Legal Services

  • Evidence Custodianship


Incident Planning

Has your organization clearly defined what an incident is? Have you designed and documented an Incident Response Plan? Is your Incident Response Plan outdated? Have the relevant parties been trained for an Incident? Do you conduct scenarios? Each of these questions drills into some of the basics of Incident Planning to enable your organization to be prepared to handle an Incident. Emagined Security maintains experts in Incident Planning who have worked with Fortune 50 and Top Secret Government organizations to help them with this sensitive planning activity. Our methodology will have you prepared to handle an incident from the Legal, PR, Operations, Regulatory, HR, and Financial perspectives and will leave your organization confident and enabled to appropriately respond to and manage your next incident.

  • Incident Response Planning

  • Incident Response Plan Development

How do you discover all relevant data for Legal issues? Are you archiving your email, IMs and other data for easy access in the event of a litigation? Emagined Security can help you design and implement an eDiscovery infrastructure so you are assured the highest level of protection for your corporate assets. Emagined Security is a one-stop shop in offering a complete eDiscovery architecture solution from design to implementation.

  • Requirements Gathering

  • Requirements Analysis

  • Solution Recommendation

  • Development & Testing

  • Implementation & Rollout

  • Vulnerability Testing

  • E-Discovery Training