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Protect Your Business with Industry-Leading Managed Security Solutions

Comprehensive SOC Cybersecurity Services Tailored to Your Business Needs
  • Flexible Architecture
  • Custom Costing Models
  • Leveraged Best Practices
  • Expert Resources
  • Affordable
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Core Services

We offer comprehensive SOC cybersecurity services that help businesses protect their assets from cyber threats.

Threat Detection and Response: 

Focus on your core operations, while still having peace of mind that their systems are secure

Our team of experts monitors your systems 24/7, providing you with timely alerts and notifications in case of any security incidents. We investigate any potential threats, respond to security incidents, and help you develop proactive security strategies.

Vulnerability Assessments:

Save time and resources while still ensuring that your systems are secure

Our team performs regular vulnerability assessments to identify any weaknesses in your systems and provide you with recommendations to address them.

Compliance Management: 

Ensure you're meeting the necessary standards without diverting resources from your core operations.

We help businesses comply with industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR, by ensuring that your security systems meet the required standards.

Incident Response Planning

Assure that you're prepared for any security incidents without employing special technical expertise to develop effective response strategies.

We help businesses develop incident response plans to ensure that they are prepared in case of a security incident.

Security Consulting: 

Benefit from the expertise of security professionals without the need to hire full-time staff.

Our team provides businesses with security consulting services, helping you develop proactive security strategies that are tailored to your specific needs.

The Cost of doing it yourself:

  • Annual Personnel:  5 x $69,000
  • Annual Process/Operational Costs:  $22,000
  • Annual Technology Costs:  $115,000
  • Total First-Year Cost:  $1 Million
  • Total Annual Recurring Costs:  $1 Million
A SOC environment requires, in addition to People investment, a rather huge investment in monitoring, scanning, forensic software, hardware that requires not only initial significant investments, but also ongoing maintenance and licensing expenses.




  • Cloud or customer-managed SIEM

  • Emagined Security monitors and tunes the customer’s SIEM implementation

  • Silver requires customers to use cloud offerings or maintain the SIEM solution internally

  • General maintenance, updates, and tuning

  • Correlation Rules and content as it applies to global client environments

  • Data / incident correlation

  • Configuration of alerts / events forwarding to Emagined’s federation server

  • Alert email generations

  • Incident prioritization

  • Incident escalation

  • Status briefing quarterly



  • Cloud or on-premises SIEM

  • Includes Silver

  • Enable and optimization of rules specific to a customer instance or use case that are native to the SIEM technology

  • Real time Microsoft teams alerting

  • Incident Response Level 1 (Incident Triage)

  • Portal access limited to 1-3 customer personnel

  • Status briefings monthly



  • Typically purchased as a monthly threat-hunting upgrade

  • Includes Gold & Silver

  • Portal access is limited to 3-5 customer personnel

  • Status briefing twice, monthly

  • Proactive threat analysis & detection: Emagined provides threat intelligence services to help identify potential attacks and issues that may be identifiable in advance as well as research issues

  • Threat Hunting:  Emagined will perform proactive hunting on customer infrastructure for any indicators of potential compromise


Learn more about risk assessments and compliance by reading from our experts...

Service Level
Brief Description
Proactive Level
Enhanced Level
Basic Level
All Log Data Stays on Client’s Assets / Cloud Infrastructure
Data Storage on Cloud
Only Alert Data Sent to Emagined Security Premises
Real Time and Transparent Communication for All Alerts and Critical Events
√ (Teams)
√ (Teams)
Critical Events (Mail)
Monthly Status Briefing
2 Twice Monthly
Incident Response Retainers (On-Demand Level)
Optional (Price Reduced)
Customer Portal Access
3-5 Personnel
1-3 Personnel
Infrastructure Maintenance
Basic Maintenance of The SIEM Environment, Including:
Full Release Updates
Cloud Only
Cloud Only
Cloud Only
Monitoring for Devices Which Stop Reporting
Enhanced SIEM Maintenance
Upgrades, Log Failure Alerts, etc.
Security Engineering Onboarding / Enhancements
Standard / Supported Log Source
10 Per Year
10 Per Year
10 Per Year
Non-Standard / Unsupported Log Source
2 Per Year
2 Per Year
Content & Architecture Development
Max Hours Contract Based or T&M
Call Tree Development
Requirements Gathering Sessions
SIEM Tool Installation
Custom Rules Development Not Native to SIEM
Custom Dashboards
Critical Event Ticket Management
Service Mappings to Customer Processes
Security Monitoring
Data Incident Correlation
Security Log Collection
Global Correlation Rules / Content Creations & Maintenance
Log Analysis
Incident Response Level 1 (Incident Triage)
Alert Email Generations
Incident Prioritization
Incident Escalation
Advanced Monitoring
Customer Specific Rules / Content Creations & Maintenance
Rogue Device Detection
Suspicious User Detection
Typo Squatting (Homoglyph) Detection
Suspicious VPN Monitoring
Observable Indicators of Compromise
Insider Threat Detection
Suspicious User Agent Detection
Real-Time Collaboration
Proactive Threat Analytics
Proactive Threat Analysis & Detection
Custom Organizational Alerting Policies
Threat Hunting
Optional: 1 Month Upgrade
Optional: 1 Month Upgrade



“I've never had such quality combined with such service.  Just awesome.”

Healthcare Client

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