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Managed Security Services

Your comprehensive security program starts here.


Improve cybersecurity with outsourcing*


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When should I get Managed Security?

There are many symptoms that might signal the need for managed security services:

Security team over reliant tools

Limited budget

IT team currently “dual-hatting” in security

Compliance requirements

Security unable to scale

After an incident

Why trust Emagined to help as a managed security provider?

We’re real experts

Work directly with experienced and certified professionals who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions.

Control Costs

Get collaborative vulnerability management microservices that are on-demand without unnecessary expenses or long term contracts.

Objectivity without losing control

As a third-party, we provide an objective perspective, without being influenced by internal politics, pressures, or biases.

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Collaborative Managed Security Services

Get everything you need to reach your security outcomes. No extras, no waste. Start with one offering as your base, then go nuts: pick one, two, or all microservices to fit your needs.

EDR/XDR Monitoring and Response

Our team of experts monitors your systems 24/7/365, providing you with immediate triage into your security incidents even when your team is off the clock

SIEM Monitoring

Our team of experts looks deep into your network logs, detecting threats at the source, and escalating to your team with detailed mitigation steps to stock attackers

Vulnerability Management

Our team performs continuous vulnerability assessments, using curated technology for scanning and reportings to create actionable data to increase your security posture 

Threat Intelligence

Our team of experts carefully and continually researches emerging threats to create rule-based alerts and IOC databases to find attackers before they can exploit your business

Incident Response 

We work with organizations in their most challenging cyber circumstance, employing our expertise to contain and eradicate cyber threats from their environment

Security Operations Consulting

Provide your in-house security operations team with the ability to lean on industry experts and build a SOC that fits your specific needs 

1. Flexible Architecture

We build your security operations around your specific needs, using best-in-class security tools.

3. Best-In-Class Team

Our elite security analysts and engineers go through rigorous training to stay on the cutting edge of security practices

2. Custom Costing Models

No “one-size-fits-all” approach but rather we build our services around your size, complexity and budget constraints.

4. Curated Intelligence

Stay a step ahead of attackers with threat intelligence that is continuously researched and updated, with a specific emphasis on threats against your specific organizations key features

5. Actually Affordable

Obtain a security operations team without incurring the costs of hiring, training and compensating individuals.

Compare Services

MSS Service Level
Briefing Cadence
Threat Hunting
Incident Response Retainer
Security Monitoring





The Cost of doing it yourself:

  • Annual Personnel:  5 x $69,000
  • Annual Process/Operational Costs:  $22,000
  • Annual Technology Costs:  $115,000
  • Total First-Year Cost:  $1 Million
  • Total Annual Recurring Costs:  $1 Million
A SOC environment requires, in addition to People investment, a rather huge investment in monitoring, scanning, forensic software, hardware that requires not only initial significant investments, but also ongoing maintenance and licensing expenses.


Learn more about risk assessments and compliance by reading from our experts...

“I've never had such quality combined with such service.  Just awesome.”

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