Managed Security Services


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Emagined Security is a respected managed service provider empowering organizations to accelerate their results through proven security solutions. 

Our Managed Security Services is designed to provide a highly customizable Security Operations Center (SOC) that enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business.  



Real-Time Monitoring Services

  • Log Collection

  • Data / Incident Correlation

  • Alert Generations

  • Escalation Support

  • Portal Access

  • Incident Prioritization

  • Incident Response Level 1

  • Vulnerability Scanning

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Additional SOC & Managed Services (Add-On Services)

  • Implementation Support

  • Incident Response Level 2

  • ·Managed Incident Response

  • Remediation Support

  • Penetration Testing

  • Asset Tracking

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Managed Antivirus

  • Managed APT Tool

  • Managed Data Loss Prevention

  • Managed Encryption

  • Managed Perimeter Security

  • Firewalls

  • SPAM and Messaging Security

  • Web Security

  • Metrics Creation

  • Formal Process Documentation

  • Tool Enhancements


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“I started out trying to monitor our network, configure and tune our monitoring software, and respond to potential incidents. I’ve seen everything. But Emagined Security really opened my eyes to the benefits and high level of efficiency an outsourced SOC can provide. My security posture significantly improved and my costs were more than reasonable. I now sleep at night.”


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If we don't do it... you have to.

The evolution of information technology and security is a never-ending process.  Our Security Managed Service has the mechanisms in place to identify risks and attacks early so you can focus on other critical areas of your business.  By leveraging Emagined Security's extensive team of security experts, our SOC solutions, and our infrastructure, clients will realize huge savings over performing SOC services themselves. 

By leveraging Emagined Security extensive team of security experts and our SOC solutions and infrastructure, our clients will realize huge savings over performing SOC services themselves.  Companies attempting to build and operate a SOC generally require specific People, Process, and Technologies.



  • An 8x5 SOC between 2-5 full time security personnel

  • A 24x7 SOC may require upwards of 9-15 personnel to maintain coverage in addition to performing incident reviews

  • Unique skillsets to perform ongoing configuration and tuning of SOC technologies such as SIEM and Vulnerability Management tools

NOTE: There is a significant deficit in manpower worldwide in information security and even more so for qualified professionals to manage and maintain SOC environments


An extensive amount of process and procedure documentation is required to ensure fluid and seamless hand-offs to other IT areas for resolution, investigation or even legal action


A SOC environment requires, in addition to People investment, a rather huge investment in monitoring, scanning, forensic software, hardware that requires not only initial significant investments, but also ongoing maintenance and licensing expenses.



Build In-House?

Annual Personnel: $69,000

Annual Process/Operational Costs: $22,000

Annual Technology Services Costs: $115,000

Total First-Year Cost: $1 Million

Total Annual Recurring Costs: $1 Million

Total 3-Year Cost of Ownership: $3.2 Million