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Assessments & Compliance

Take the first step to unlocking your potential by meeting compliance standards.


Improve cybersecurity with outsourcing*


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When should I get compliance services?

There are many symptoms that might signal the need for risk assessments and compliance services:

Regulatory & Stakeholder Pressure

You need to adhere to legal obligations that govern your operations

Reputational Concerns

Uphold your reputation by ensuring ethical and responsible practices

Insurance Needs

You need to maintain or obtain cybersecurity insurance or to qualify for better premium rates by undergoing a risk assessment

Why we're different 

There’s a reason we’re the creators of collaborative security

The most collaborative

We have an unbeatable combo: a team of security experts paired with top-notch tech that collaborates across clients, industries, and tools to stay ahead of threats.

The most experienced 

We understand the unique challenges that come with growing a business and have the expertise you need to reach your goals. 

The most scalable

We’re the last cybersecurity firm you’ll ever need to hire. We support start ups and large companies, so no matter how your needs evolve, we’ve got you covered.

Collaborative Risk Assessment & Compliance Services 

Get everything you need to reach your security outcomes. No extras, no waste. Start with one offering as your base, then go nuts: pick one, two, or all microservices to fit your needs.

Security Program Overview (SPO)

Assess your current security posture and get recommendations to attain your security goals.  Designed to measure your security program and your present accepted risk levels to validate your budgets and determine if they are appropriately balanced

Compliance Readiness Services

Emagined Security has unique experience with a variety of compliance remediation services. Our services span from training to hands-on remediation.  From our strategic management team to our tactical technical teams, our knowledge can be made available to your organization.

Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning services encourage collaboration on the Policies, Procedures, and Standards required by your regulatory and compliance guidelines.  Our experts leverage governance frameworks to help you get a clear picture of your current security posture and help you create the needed documentation to meet audit requirements.

Why trust Emagined to help as a managed security provider?

We're real experts

Work directly with experienced and certified professionals who possess the necessary skills and knowledge to identify vulnerabilities and provide solutions.

Control costs

Get collaborative vulnerability management microservices that are on-demand without unnecessary expenses or long term contracts.

Objectivity without losing control

As a third-party, we provide an objective perspective, without being influenced by internal politics, pressures, or biases.

How it works

With Emagined get everything you need to reach security your security outcomes. Our Collaborative Micro Cybersecurity Services are built around each individual customer. No extras and no waste. Pick a core service as the foundation. From there, pick and choose micro services, depending on what works best for you and your company.









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Ready to get a new outlook on cybersecurity providers?

There's a "best way" of doing things and an order and organizational aspect that maximizes the impact of your security efforts. Let us show you how collaborative security will help.

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