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Security Program Overview (SPO)

The Security Program Overview is an assessment that offers a high-level security effectiveness and maturity review with a focus to risk identification and budget development. This is an assessment performed by an executive security consultant that includes a high-level analysis of the effectiveness of a company's security maturity. Our service includes adaptive techniques to work with organizations to review and measure the effectiveness associated with a company's overall security program effectiveness, design, implementation and ongoing sustainability to ensure that your security program operates at the highest effectiveness possible.


A Security Program Overview offers companies the ability to obtain a “snap-shot” of your security program effectiveness and maturity empowering you to make informative choices about your “go-forward” direction and budget needs. The Security Program Assessment can help save your company time and money by:

  • Identifying areas of the program that are operating well and those areas that are not

  • Enabling you to focus greater attention to the areas in need

  • Identifying those areas that are operating effectively and place these in a “steady state” mode of operation

  • Analyzing current maturity versus desired maturity levels

  • Measuring the balance between people, process and technology

  • Empowering you to establish the appropriate roadmap and budget to support the chosen direction

  • Graphic depiction of risk versus current and desired budget levels

Emagined Security has developed this process to ensure that organizations establish a solid security program foundation that enables preservation of the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information and computing resources.

Description of Service

The Security Program Overview starts by evaluating crucial components at the Security Programmatic levels. These reviews are broken into seven (7) Security Domains where our highly seasoned executive security consultants take you through a series of carefully crafted interviews to deepen knowledge about the effectiveness and maturity of the security program.

Emagined Security Program Overview table

Once your current maturity levels are determined then we take you through a conversation to determine your desired level of risk and maturity.

SPO Graph 1

SPO Graph 2

The current maturity levels can then be depicted on spider charts to graphically show your current and desired level of risk and maturity to depict your current security program’s posture.

SPO Graph 3

When that is complete, we then compare the differences between people, process and technology with an eye toward knowing where the gaps are within each domain. Using a graphic like this, we can easily see if an organization has over-leveraged tools without developing needed processes and acquiring sufficient levels of staffing to support the security program.

SPO Graph 4

Major observations can also be documented for the security team to determine the best approach to reducing risk while improving the security program of the organization.

SPO Graph 5

SPO Graph 6


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