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vCISO Services:  Fortify Your Business with Confidence

Unleash the Power of a vCISO to Outsmart Cyber Threats and Secure Your Success!
With cyber-attacks on the rise, businesses of all sizes are grappling with limited resources, outdated security measures, and compliance challenges. You need a security expert on your team, but hiring a full-time Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) can be cost-prohibitive. That's where our vCISO services come in.
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Core Services

Our vCISO services provide you with the expert guidance, strategic planning, and hands-on support you need to safeguard your organization against cyber threats, all at a fraction of the cost of a full-time CISO.

Limited Budget & Resources

Security Strategy Development and Security Technology Evaluation and Implementation

By providing expert guidance and strategic planning, a vCISO helps optimize your organization's security measures, ensuring effective protection within your budget constraints.

Compliance Challenges

Compliance Management

A vCISO ensures your organization adheres to applicable legal, regulatory, and industry-specific requirements, helping you navigate complex compliance landscapes and reduce the risk of penalties.

Outdated / Inadequate Security Policies

Policy and Procedure Development and Security Technology Evaluation and Implementation

The vCISO creates and maintains up-to-date security policies, procedures, and technologies, keeping your organization protected against evolving cyber threats.

Managing a Growing Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Security Technology Evaluation and Implementation

Harness the power of the latest security technologies, expertly selected and implemented to strengthen your organization's cybersecurity ecosystem.

Navigating the Risks of Digital Transformation

Risk Management

Successfully embrace digital transformation by identifying, assessing, and mitigating security risks, ensuring your organization thrives in the digital age.

A Proven Methodology


Our vCISOs use a simple, easy-to-follow process to address security program creation and maturity in the form of our own methodology that walks individuals through all of the KEY processes of building and maturing a security program. 


There are three high-level phases:

  1. Current State:  Knowing your current security posture.

  2. Target State:  Defining your desired (and required) security posture.

  3. Integrate:  How you bridge the gaps between your current and target state to get the biggest return on your security efforts. 


We found that there is a “clear path”, a best way of doing things, and an order and organizational aspect that maximizes the impact of your security efforts.  With over 1000 projects across 57 industries, we’ve found that it just works!


Core vCISO Services


Security Program Overview

At the beginning of the engagement period, Emagined Security will assess your current security posture and make recommendations to attain your security goals. This effort will be designed to measure security program and present accepted risk levels to determine and budgets to determine if they are appropriately balanced.


Policy and Procedure Documentation

Emagined Security will evaluate existing policies and make high level recommendations to simplify and standardize current documentation. 


Governance & Compliance Strategy 

Emagined Security will conduct support strategy sessions to provide ongoing guidance on areas that your organization should focus on improvements. ​

Case Studies

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“I've never had such quality combined with such service.  Just awesome.”

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