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San Carlos, California USA – Emagined Security, an influential cybersecurity service provider, is proud to be recognized as a CREST accredited organization in the Penetration Testing space. As a not-for-profit accreditation body, CREST provides a world-renowned standard for penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, cyber incident response, and more.

Emagined Security’s Penetration Testing practice was examined by thorough and meticulous assessments to ensure that its methodologies and the team’s knowledge, experience and skills met CREST’s demanding criteria. In parallel, CREST also assessed aspects of Emagined Security’s cybersecurity processes and general governance, focused on the company’s capacity to achieve continuous improvement in education and general employee development.

"CREST is pleased to welcome Emagined Security as an accredited member company," said Ian Glover, President of CREST, “By achieving the globally recognized CREST accreditation, which requires rigorous assessment of business processes, data security and testing methodologies, Emagined Security is able to demonstrate the highest standards in penetration testing and take advantage of the growing demand for these services across public and private sectors.”

Paul Underwood, COO comments, "The CREST accreditation simplifies and accelerates our customers’ business decision making process, it validates our experience and strong methodology in an extremely competitive industry."

“In a market without barriers to entry, we see new players arrive every day that believe running a bunch of tools against a target can be called a Penetration Test, which is seriously decreasing the security posture of the cyberspace. We are very proud of our Penetration Testing Frameworks and are happy that our CREST accreditation supports our best practices approach," concluded David Sockol, CEO.

As a member of CREST, Emagined Security is substantiated as a trustworthy provider of penetration testing services.

About Emagined Security

Emagined Security is a leading provider of professional services for information security and compliance solutions. We empower our clients by helping them effectively manage IT Risk in today’s ever-changing business environment. With deep industry expertise and a proven track record, Emagined Security can scale quickly and efficiently to provide best-in-class organizations with the rapid response required. Our clients cover a wide range of U.S. and Global Fortune 500 organizations, including financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical, high tech, manufacturing, energy, and insurance industries.

Emagined Security offers reliable and high-quality security alternatives to in-house resources, only employing well-known and respected individuals from the security community. We offer highly knowledgeable consultants with security certifications and extensive field experience. Our clients appreciate that Emagined Security offers a professional and low risk partnership to secure business growth and project development within their existing infrastructure.

Emagined Security is privately held and headquartered in San Carlos, California.


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