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Red team Penetration Testing: Prevent, Detect, & Respond Capabilities

Do I need Red Team Penetration Testing and Hacking? 10 Questions you should answer

  1. How do you test your ability to detect a "real" threat?

  2. How do you test your ability to respond to a "real" threat?

  3. Do you have the right technology in place to defend against an actual attack?

  4. Are your processes and policies working in the face of an actual attack?

  5. Do you have the right people or enough people to handle an attack?

  6. Do your people know how to use the tools that you have in place to combat an attack?

  7. Do your people and processes allow you to respond according to your service level agreements?

  8. How effective is your incident response plan?

  9. What attack tactics can you prevent based on your current defensive posture?

  10. Are your offices, facilities, or properties properly prepared to defend against attack?

How Hackers Hack

To defend against a hacker you need to HIRE a hacker.

“Emagined makes me look like a hero. They’re easy to work with, diligent, and - above all - dedicated to my success. They’re the first number I call when I’m faced with a potential incident!” — Texas Healthcare Provider

How our Red Team "Hacks"

Optimize your Security Defense Efforts so that they run like a machine! We're Passionate About Red Team Penetration Testing

Security controls are fantastic, but security controls combined with penetration testing are invaluable. At Emagined, we get really excited about using penetration testing to dramatically focus your security risk posture.

After watching penetration testing redefine success for hundreds of companies, we've developed a passion for security testing. We live and breathe Ethical Hacking and love using it to produce incredible results for our clients. What Makes Emagined Security Different?

We never put your penetration testing on autopilot. And, we dig deep using industry-certified consultants to covertly evade and exploit your defenses the same way that the bad guys do. We've been doing this for a long time for hundreds of clients. We're clever, like real hackers, but careful and methodical like real professionals. We make sure you're involved every step of the way. Our Offense v. Your Defense What you'll learn about your defensive security posture

Specialized Services & Engagement Types After years of experience, we've taken Penetration Testing to a whole new level. Not only have we turned Penetration Testing into an art form, but we've also developed several proprietary methodologies to help our clients get more out of their tests as quickly as possible. No business is identical and our services can be tailored to fit your needs.