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I’m 45 years old and I have nine kids in my Brady-Bunch house. Their ages range from twenty-three to nine. I’m also an information security consultant and I LOVE technology and all the benefits that it brings. But, at any given time, I can look around our front room and note that all nine kids are on their phone “socializing” in some way or another. It can be irritating.

My social media app of choice… LinkedIn and Instagram. Facebook gets a lazy nod because…well, I’m not quite sure why I check Facebook. I don’t post anything there. I guess it’s just something to do when I’m not doing anything.

If you ask my kids, it’s currently about Snapchat. At least it was yesterday… I don’t know about today. I sat in bewilderment as one of our four fifteen-year old’s took a picture of absolutely nothing, typed a quick message, smiled a self-satisfied smile to herself, pushed her lock button on her phone, looked up and grinned at me.

Me: What was that?

Her: What was what??

Me: Why did you take a picture of the corner of the room with half the ceiling and then smile like you just won a medal?

Her: Oh, I’m Snapchatting with Aubrey.

Me: Why don’t you just text… why the picture?

Her: Why would I do that?

Me: Because you just took a picture of nothing and sent it as a text.

Her: Snapchat is better

Me: Do you use Facebook

Her: You’re so old

Me: <blank stare>

I guess it’s no wonder that according to the Pew Research center, younger Facebook users are changing the way that they use Facebook. In my house, only the parents use Facebook. My oldest daughter still uses it a little but I think that just because she had her first baby and she might be looking to get the most coverage possible. Another conversation went like this.

My Wife: Hey, did you guys see the story I posted on Facebook

17-Year-Old Boy: I deleted Facebook over a year ago. And, when I had it I didn’t follow you.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise to me that 42% of Facebook users over 18 say they have taken a break from Facebook in the past 12 months. Additionally, 26% say they have deleted the app from their phone. 54% say they have adjusted their privacy settings but, I’m having a hard time deciding if privacy is the big story here.

Yeah, I get that the 18-26 crowd is socially conscious. And, I see the scrutiny that Facebook and What’s App are getting. But, I think their problem goes deeper than just social-backlash over inappropriate data sharing. Fact is, the 18-26 crowd is moving on to the next thing. Facebook just isn’t as cool as it was. Maybe some of that is because of FB’s bad behavior but if you ask my family… Facebook is just for old people. But then again, 2 Billion subscribers could prove me wrong.


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