Proactive Consulting

Discover potential security gaps & blindspots, assess your current security posture, and plan your security game plan.

Emagined Security understands true risk management and has developed Proactive Security Consulting services to help enable business functions prevent losses, whether through loss of operational efficiency, downtime, or through damaging and costly information exposure. Emagined Security identifies vulnerabilities & compliance issues before they impact operations and audit and by re-designing your architecture to support your business objectives.


Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing

Do vulnerabilities exist in your network? Have they been exploited? Will you be in the news tomorrow? Ethical Hacking enables clients to quickly identify, assess and remedy security holes in network communication services, operating systems, key applications, and network equipment. Ethical Hacking is accomplished by performing scheduled and selective probes of the network's communication services, operating systems, key applications, and network equipment in search of those vulnerabilities. Our specialists analyze the vulnerability conditions and provide a detailed report including corrective actions. Ethical Hacking is an attack simulation to determine what vulnerabilities have not been addressed in your network. By identifying vulnerabilities before attackers do, Ethical Hacking will increase the level of confidence of the company's security measures, and prevent damaging exposure.

  • Network Penetration Test

  • Application Penetration Test

  • Wireless Assessments

  • War Dialing

  • Social Engineering

Strategic Planning

Do you have an effective, documented, security strategy with the architecture and resources to support it? Can you identify and protect your people? Safeguard your applications and networks? Proactively track and resolve incidents? Our Strategic Planning service helps you measurably improve your security position and creates the visibility you need to make security an integral part of your business operations. Strategic Planning facilitates the expansion of an organization's IT goals by planning, designing and constructing a secure conduit to enhance current security goals, and expedite new business objectives.

  • Governance Framework

  • Implementation Strategy

  • Business Continuity Planning

  • Disaster Recovery Planning

  • Data Loss Prevention

Assessment & Design

How do you secure risks you aren't aware of? What is the best design for secure server virtualization? Our Assessment Services provide an organization with a holistic approach to identification of risks, strategically rank and prioritize risks, and our Design Services can be leveraged to provide solutions to identified issues. Security and risk assessments provide analysis of the effectiveness of a company's or system's security controls. This service includes adaptive techniques to work with organizations to review the risk associated with a company's overall security design to ensure that proper security controls are utilized. Whether evaluating Policies, Standards, & Guidelines, overall architecture, or designing a Virtual Server environment, our independent Assessment & Design services can help save your company time, money and embarrassment associated with audit findings or by identifying weaknesses before a news making breach occurs.

  • Security Risk Assessment

  • Security Architecture Review

  • Security Architecture Development

  • Security Architecture Design

  • Virtual Server Architecture

  • Physical Security Assessment

  • Policies, Procedures, Standards & Guidelines

Compliance Readiness & Review

Do you know the details of the regulations for your organization? Do you know what is considered "out of compliance?" Compliance & Privacy offers a variety of services designed to help organizations address industry laws and regulations. We specialize in Compliance & Privacy Planning, Assessments, Awareness Training, and Compliance Programs for the biggest industry regulations facing businesses today. Emagined Security will map Regulations to Frameworks, Policies and Standards that address your organization's specific business and technical IT security requirements. Not only will we conduct compliance reviews, but we will also assist with strategic planning and cost reduction associated with compliance efforts. Compliance & Privacy Services helps organizations address industry and legal requirements to avoid severe penalties.


Configuration Reviews


Are your servers in compliance with standards? All of them? Are your firewalls hardened properly? Configuration Review Services combine expert knowledge with state of the art technology to produce a detailed analysis of your IT configuration environment. A configuration review focuses on proper security controls for policy and regulatory compliance, pinpoints compliance gaps and summarizes results for simple at-a-glance prioritization by providing management recommendations on how to improve overall security posture.


Training Programs

Are you confident that your team's knowledge is up to date on the latest in their respective area? Security Training offers organizations a variety of on-site training opportunities. Emagined Security's instructors are well known and respected individuals from the security community. Emagined Security provides instructors that present at major security conferences, are experienced teachers, and work as security professionals. Our instructors are able to provide real world experiences and thus make our training course realistic and enjoyable. Emagined Security brings the training to you. Our instructors travel to your site, so you don't have to send the entire class to us, saving organizations time and money. Because of the importance of security awareness and training in information security practices, Emagined Security offers one of the most comprehensive sets of training courses available anywhere.