Real-Time Security Monitoring Services


Monitoring & Managed Security Services


Emagined Security's Managed Security Services is designed to provide a highly customizable Security Operations Center (SOC) that enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business. Other SOCs take the approach that clients must conform to the SOC's rigid architecture, processes and procedures leading to a mismatch of needs, requirements, services and excessive costs over time. Emagined Security creates a synergy between client needs and our best practice methodologies that leverages a tailored approach enabling us to work with existing client business and technical implementations. Ultimately, clients immediately realize the maximum benefits of Enhanced Protection and a Significantly Improved Security Posture at a reasonable cost.


  • Data Incident Correlation
  • Security Log Collection
  • Forensic Log Analysis
  • Incident Prioritization
  • Alert Generation


  • Domain Generation
  • Algorithm (DGA) Detection
  • Rogue Device Detection
  • Suspicious User Detection
  • Homoglyph Domain Alerting
  • Public Credential Exposures
  • Suspicious VPN Monitoring
  • Indicators of Compromise
  • Slack / HipChat Alerting


  • Perimeter (FW / VPN)
  • Spam & Messaging
  • Encryption
  • IDS / IPS
  • PKI / HSMs
  • APT Technology
  • End Point Protection
  • Data Loss Prevention