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Extend the bandwidth of your security team

Emagined is the only cybersecurity solution that empowers your team with collaborative security services that maximizes the impact of your security efforts while:

  • Only paying for what you need

  • Benefiting from rapid deployment 

  • Getting real-time adaptation


Improve cybersecurity with outsourcing*


Years of cybersecurity experience


of projects in hundreds of industries

Here’s why you need collaborative security

Security programs like yours don’t fail because they don’t check all the boxes--they never do.  No, you struggle because traditional cybersecurity efforts don’t meet the risk requirements of the business

Traditional Cybersecurity

  • Resource consuming deployments that take months or even years.


  • Solutions are standardized, offering little room for customization.


  • Resources are allocated based on “best-guess” anticipated cybercriminal patterns

  • Continually requires more budget every year to outpace the threats.

Collaborative Cybersecurity

  • Deployments are rapid-- taking within weeks or days.


  • Tailored to your unique risks, requirements, and business goals.


  • Based on real-time threats and trends.


  • Breaks down traditional cybersecurity services to on-demand micro-services.

Collaborative Micro Cybersecurity Services

Emagined Security offers Collaborative Micro Cybersecurity Services (CMCS), a more precise, scalable, and customizable solution to cybersecurity.

Service Segmentation

We break down traditional cybersecurity services into easily consumable micro-services.

Customizable Module

Each micro-service is a plug-and-play module. Clients can choose which specific services they need, allowing for a tailored cybersecurity approach.

Rapid Deployment

We ensure that each micro-service can be quickly deployed and integrated into the client's existing infrastructure.



Core Collaborative Services


Emagined Security’s vCISO service can bring to your company a full breadth of security expertise including business programs, security & privacy solutions, product selections, and corporate services.


​What is your security EXPOSURE? How vulnerable are you? Are you checking the right things?  Engage one of the best pentesting companies to assess your security exposure with one of our many standard penetration testing services.

Managed Security 

Our MSS is designed to provide a highly customizable Security Operations Center (SOC) that enables a comprehensive set of capabilities while maintaining overall cost effectiveness empowering our customers to focus on their core business.


What is your security POSTURE? How mature are you? Are you compliant? Self-assessments can only get you so far. Engage our team to assess your security posture and maturity with one of our many security assessment services.

Abstract Background

“I've never had this much quality combined with this kind of service.  Just awesome.”

Healthcare Client

Ready to get a new outlook on cybersecurity providers?

There's a "best way" of doing things and an order and organizational aspect that maximizes the impact of your security efforts. Let us show you how collaborative security will help.

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