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Pentesting Services

Pentesting for the understaffed security team

Emagined Penetration Testing helps small security teams move faster and identify vulnerabilities before hackers.


Increase in attacks a week last year


Average cost of a data breach in 2023


Average times that hackers attack a day, or every 3 seconds

Collaborative Cybersecurity Services

Traditional Cybersecurity services leave you paying too much and waiting too long to improve security outcomes—when you’re competing against larger enterprises this is your big advantage.

Traditional Cybersecurity

  • Resource consuming deployments that take months or even years.


  • Solutions are standardized, offering little room for customization.


  • Resources are allocated based on “best-guess” anticipated cybercriminal patterns

  • Continually requires more budget every year to outpace the threats.

Collaborative Cybersecurity

  • Deployments are rapid and continuous within weeks or days.


  • Tailored to the unique risks, requirements, and business goals.


  • Based on real-time threats and trends.


  • Breaks down traditional cybersecurity services to on-demand micro-services.

The Only Collaborative Pentesting Solution

Ditch the frustrating and ineffective “everything under the sun” multi-tool approach to penetration testing. 

Collaborative pentesting is intentionally simple by design. We have collaborative penetration testing services you can spin up and down as your size, infrastructure and requirements change. It’s why those that use us for a pentesting end up sticking with us for a second and third time around.

External Pen Test

Conducting an external penetration test allows organizations to proactively pinpoint, evaluate, and rectify security vulnerabilities within their external networks. Ethical hackers aim to breach the perimeter, proving their ability to gain internal network access and assisting in the reinforcement of overall security measures.

Web App Pen Test

Web application penetration tests actively discover, assess, and resolve potential security vulnerabilities present in an organization's online platforms. Our ethical hacking team is dedicated to uncovering vulnerabilities and strengthening your web application's defenses against ever-evolving cyber threats.

IoT Pen Test

Engaging in IoT penetration testing is a proactive approach that enables organizations to comprehensively scrutinize, assess, and reinforce their Internet of Things (IoT) devices against potential security vulnerabilities. Our team of security specialists meticulously assesses IoT ecosystems, pinpointing and addressing vulnerabilities with precision.

Internal Pen Test

An internal penetration test replicates the actions of an attacker within an organization's network. This could involve a successful breach from the outside or an assessment of potential threats posed by malicious insiders seeking to exploit escalating privileges within the network.

API Pen Test

This evaluation empowers organizations to proactively reveal, evaluate, and mitigate security vulnerabilities within their API infrastructure. Our team of ethical hackers identifies potential entry points, simulating real-world attacks to strengthen and fortify your API perimeter against potential threats.

Wireless Pen Test

Conducting a wireless network security assessment is a proactive initiative that allows organizations to meticulously examine, evaluate, and fortify their wireless infrastructure against potential security vulnerabilities. Our team of security specialists undertakes comprehensive examinations of wireless networks, skillfully detecting and resolving weaknesses to boost your network's resilience against the ever-present threat of cyber attacks.

Connecting Dots

“For the first time in a long time our team is truly collaborating, and everyone is moving in the same direction, with the same goals. It’s truly remarkable how quickly things have changed in just a week with collaborative cybersecurity solutions.”

–Ryan Sullivan, Hanes Underwear

Collaborative Micro Cybersecurity Services

Within each Collaborative Service we offer micro services with modular pricing providing security-boosting, growth-driving cybersecurity solutions. 

Start with a single service as your base, then add on services or remove services to customize our offering to fit your needs. Here’s how it works:

Knowing your current security posture


Defining your required security posture


Bridge the gaps between your current and target state


Ready to get a new outlook on cybersecurity providers?

Collaborative runs circles around the complex. Collaborative micro cybersecurity services provide agility, efficiency, and more security against the traditional way of doing things.

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